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Canoe Instruction - Lake water

Canoe Instruction - Moving Water

Lake water is another term for “flat water”. Become proficient at manoeuvring your classic canoe either with a partner, “tandem” or solo. I can arrange a course that will suit your skill level. If your goal is to progress to moving water (white water), then flatwater is where you’ll learn the basic strokes and techniques. Count on mastering the skills needed to deal with wind and waves.

Moving water is also referred to as white water, either way it is a dynamic learning experience. You’ll start off on flat water so we can refine your basic techniques. I pride myself on being able to accurately pinpoint where your manoeuvres are breaking down and how you need to adjust your techniques for success in moving water. I prefer to teach whitewater to participants in either a tandem white water canoe or solo playboat.


How to sign up for a course with Paul Mason:

  1. 1.Read a bit about the different lake water and moving water levels available.

  2. 2.Email me  with an inquiry that includes when you’d like a course and where you are located.

  3. 3.I will send you dates available and cost information.

  4. 4.When we have set a date, you may choose to pay a deposit by cheque or paypal.

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