About Us

Paul Mason

Cartoonist, canoeist and little kid in the bow of the canoe in the "Path of the Paddle" films and book. The experiences garnered from being in the Path of the Paddle films and later, co-writing the instructional canoeing book Thrill of the Paddle have a great influence on our the production of these Paddle Pointers. Combine that with my cartoonist viewpoint and the results can be spectacular.

What else am I up to? bubblestreet.ca for everything artwork related, Theracane.ca for a really cool self massage device. I’m currently a patron of Paddle Canada and offer moving water tandem or solo instructional canoeing courses. Ask me where and when my next course is.

Ken Buck

The man behind the camera for the filming of the Path of the Paddle series of films as well as Song of the Paddle and Water Walker. Ken is also the author of Bill Mason: Wilderness Artist, from heart to hand, an excellent biography of Bill Mason. A ways back...Ken was ensconced as an English teacher when he quit his job to be the cameraman for Bill. Now a “few” years later he has agreed to help out on our Paddlepointers.

Andrew Westwood

Passionate about canoeing, I take great pleasure in sharing insights as a professional instructor and regular contributing writer to outdoor and paddling magazines. Recently I've collaborated on the design and implementation of Paddle Canada's new whitewater canoe program and continue to promote my own instruction book Canoeing; The Essential Skills and Safety and DVD Canoeing.

Currently, the creation of Paddle Pointers provides a terrific opportunity to pass on skills, both tried and true, and, new and hot off the presses. Plus, expect to see the latest advances in canoe instruction.  If you'd like to participate in a whitewater clinic, check out westwoodoutdoors.ca.

Mark Scriver

Paddling has always been my passion. I guide sea kayak and canoe trips for Black

Feather wilderness Adventures and guide in the Antartica with One Ocean expeditions. I've designed several canoes for Esquif. I organized the '97 whitewater freestyle world championships where I won the gold medal. I compete in and have organized the annual Gull River Open Canoe Slalom. I've written books on Canoe Camping, Paddle Canada’s Standup Paddle Board instructional Program and co-authored Thrill of the Paddle and the Black Feather Camp Cookbook.

Johno Foster

Is CEO of Watershed, sales representative and a whitewater canoe trip guide for Black Feather. In the past I never really thought much about the finer details of what I was doing on the river but after spending lots of time paddling with Andrew, Paul, and Mark, I've realized that it's possible to achieve a much greater depth of understanding. I mean, these guys are legends! I haven't written any books but I really like paddling off waterfalls and catching improbable eddies. Hopefully, through PaddlePointers,  I'll be able to impart some of what I've learned."

Paul Scriver

I got my first paddles as soon as I could hold one and have been canoeing ever since. The only thing that rivals my satisfaction of stomping a line creeking or shaving a second off a slalom time is the debrief on the way home from a day of paddling. Having instructor certifications with Paddle Canada for Sup IT, and whitewater canoeing has allowed me to begin sharing my experience and enthusiasm for the sports I love, with others. 

Carole Westwood

Carole has been an avid paddler for 20 years, excelling both in whitewater kayak and canoeing. Noted for her acute eye in water reading, she excels in many environments from river running, creeking to slalom racing and finding the most efficient lines. Teaching others how to do this effortlessly is a passion. She has been Kayak Chief Instructor for WO and is an  Advanced Instructor for Canoeing for Paddle Canada. She has also garnered many podium finishes Nationally and in North America in canoe slalom races.

Ian Tamblyn is the talented musician who has created much of the music for our Paddlepointers. We really appreciate his support.


Willa Mason

Willa is a co-star in many of the Paddlepointer videos, and recently completed on the water stunt work for the movie “Indian horse”.

As a Paddle Canada certified whitewater tandem and solo canoe, lakewater, and SUP instructor, I am fueled by helping people challenge themselves in a positive environment and grow their passion for paddling.” Visit Willamason.ca