Warning. These instructional videos are for a potentially dangerous sport. Injuries, life threatening or otherwise, permanent disabilities or death may result from participating in it. Equipment shown or described in these videos is for the purpose of illustration only and does not constitute an endorsement by the producers, participants or instructors shown in these videos. By viewing/listening to these videos, the viewer releases the producer, director, editor, instructors/paddlers and anyone else associated with the video from liability for any injury or death that may result from attempting the techniques demonstrated/shown/discussed.

Paddle Pointer videos are instructional and entertaining videos about canoeing. Paddlepointers.com is where you’ll find information on canoe courses, skills, and techniques. There are also introduction to Sup or Stand up Paddleboard videos and courses listed here.

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Do yourself and your partner a favour. Take a canoeing lesson.

It’s peaceful... but you need to learn how to handle your canoe.

Learn basic skills from our Tandem canoe videos. See the video list.

Learn basic skills from our Solo canoe videos. See Solo video list.

Take one of my courses and benefit from my years of experience, teaching canoeing to everyone from beginners to advanced.

Technique Tip: I was in the process of flipping to my offside while crossing an eddyline the other day, and since it was a slow tipping motion as I lost my balance... I had time to reflect on what the righting pry I was attempting, was actually doing. More...


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